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Hercus 260 Lathe

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Hercus 9 or 260  imperial crosslide  spindle nut --part Nos.22, 5H725
BRAND NEW cast iron imperial cross feed spindle nut to suit Hercus 9" and 260 lathe all impe..
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hercus 260 tailstock base--part No.5h71
used Hercus 260 tailstock basplate condition excellent ..
hercus 45/18 compound gear--part No.amh5H806
 hercus 45/18 compound  gear to suit Hercus, sheraton, southbend 9" or hercus 260 ..
NEW Hercus metric thread chasing dial--part No.5HA52
NEW Hercus metric thread chasing dial--part No.5HA52 last stocks of genuine new parts the..
hercus tailstock clamp--part No.7 or 5H75
used Hercus tailstock clamp plate fits 9" and 260 tailstock ..
hercus 80t idler gear--part No.amh5H802
  80 tooth idler    gear to suit Hercus, sheraton, southbend 9" or her..
Hercus 9 or 260 idler gear bolt set--part No.104, 111, 5H585, 5H586
Used Hercus compound idler gear bolt, bush, washer and nut suits 9" and 260 models a..
260 or 9inch crosslide gib strip--part No.5H722, 45
used cross slide gib strip for Hercus 260 or 9 inch metal lathe same part both models ..
NEW Hercus tailstock eccentric shaft--part No.5H78
NEW Hercus tailstock eccentric shaft--part No.5H78 genuine Hercus part ..
NEW Hercus 260 travelling steady--part No.5HY55
NEW Hercus 260 travelling steady--part No.5HY55 genuine part ..
hercus 36/18 compound gear--part No.amh5H807
HERCUS 36/18 compound gear  genuine part to suit Hercus 9, 260, Sheraton, South bend..
hercus 260 5inch chuck backing plate--part No.amh5H907
Australian made  Cast iron 5" chuck backing plate threaded for the Hercus 260 lathe ..
hercus 9 or 260  tailstock nut--part No.3, 5H87
used hercus tailstock nut in good condition suits all models 9" and 260 ..
72/18 compound idler gear--part Nos.101,103
used hercus 72/18 compound gear set in excellent condition ..
hercus milling attachment--part No.5HA61
Hercus milling attachment because of the shortage of these, they will be remanufactured at a ..
NEW hercus tailstock handwheel--part No.amh4
BRAND NEW 100% Australian made handwheel and handle custom built specifically for  h..
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120/127 compound gear
New 120/127 compound idler gear  5/8" bore original large format Metric to imperial ..
hercus 260 countershaft drive pulley--part No.5H216
Used Hercus 260 countershaft twin drive pulley 17mm bore 143mm and 177mm pulleys ..
NEW hercus bullgear pin--part Nos.5H118, 86
NEW bullgear pin  genuine Hercus made part new retaining clips also listed  ..
Hercus 260 lathe 4-way toolpost--part No.amh5H781a
NEW Hercus 260 4-way toolpost--complete assy--part No.amh5H781a steel toolpost block, 8 harde..
30mm lathe dog
Australian made used  straight lathe dog from hercus 9" and 260 33mm opening &nb..
hercus 260 or 9 inch backgear--part Nos.5H131, 72
Used Hercus 260 or 9" lathe backgear (260 shown) suits all models in excellent condition ..
Hercus parting tool holder
used parting tool holder Australian made as supplied with the Hercus  lathes 22m..
NEW hercus 260 bullgear--part No.5H116
NEW  Hercus 260 lathe Bullgear brand new genuine part ..
NEW hercus 9c  imperial crosslide spindle--part No.amh46
BRAND NEW hercus 9  model C imperial models only     ..
burnerd 6" 4 jaw chuck
 Used Burnerd 6" 4jaw independant chuck  threaded to suit a hercus 260 spindle ..
BRAND NEW hercus tailstock locking lever--part No.amh5H91, 5
BRAND NEW hercus tailstock barrel locking lever   fits all 9" and 260 tailstocks and..
hercus 260 headstock assembly--part No.5HY1
complete used 260 headstock assembly gears, pulleys and bearings in excellent condition ..
NEW Hercus 260 fixed steady--part No.5HY54
 NEW Hercus 260 fixed steady Genuine part   ..
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Hercus straight  tool holder
used straight tool holder Australian made 22mm high shank takes 1/4" hss as suppl..
NEW hercus 9 or 260 change gear (banjo) bracket--part Nos.96, 5H581
NEW hercus 9 or 260 change gear (banjo) bracket--part Nos.96, 5H581 Brand new genuine part ..
the text book of turning by P.F.Hercus
IN STOCK NOW NEW  COPY of THE TEXT BOOK OF TURNING by P.F.Hercus-- edition 4   ..
Hercus gib screw and nut --part Nos.5H723, 5H724, 57a, 57b
NEW gib screw and nut Genuine Hercus manufactured part hercus 9" and 260 lathes compo..
hercus 260 micro switch--part No.5H295
used original micro switch used to stop the motor should the carriage get too close to the ch..
hercus 9 or 260 toolpost set screws--part No.amh5H782
 set of 8   NEW set screws for the Hercus 4 way toolpost with original 3/..
New hercus way felts--part Nos.16, 5H708
new Hercus 4 piece way wiper sets Hercus made genuine part to suit hercus 9", 260, crafts..
260 compound casting--part No.5H755
Used Hercus 260 compound casting gib and screws included ..
hercus compound t-nut
NEW t-nut for the original hercus 4-way toolpost nut bears on the entire width of the t-slot ..
NEW hercus 260 tumbler gear casting--part No.5H161
NEW hercus 260 tumbler gear casting--part No.5H161 brand new genuine part Hercus list pri..
roller bearing steady fingers--part No.fh5H978
set of 3 roller bearing replacement fingers for Hercus steady all models brass  Aust..
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Hercus 260 mt4-mt2 reducer sleeve--part No.5H922
used mt4-mt2 reducing sleeve used in the headstock spindle with an mt2 dead centre and mt..
New dial for Hercus imperial thread chasing dial indicator--part No.amh5H943
New dial for Hercus imperial thread dial indicator--part No.amh5H943 this a copy of the genui..
hercus 260 front guard--part No.5H272
used but excellent condition cover for the lefthand end of the 260ctm leadscrew   ..
NEW hercus handwheel pinion gear--part Nos.47, 5H631
NEW apron handwheel pinion gear genuine Hercus part suits all 9" and 260 models this ..
hercus steady riser
This riser block is to raise the Hercus lathe 9" fixed steady to the appropriate height to use wi..
AXA100 adaptor stud for hercus 260
NEW custom made high tensile adaptor stud  for mounting the AXA100 quickchange toolpost,..
NEW Hercus 260 parts manual
New Hercus 260 lathe parts manual Genuine Hercus fourth edition 1991 36 pages all 260..
7/16  inch boring bar
Used Lock 7/16 " boring bar  19mm" mounting bar as supplied with the Hercus 9" lathe..